Finance & Planning


The planning department in the district is charged with a number of activities like; formulating, developing and coordinating the district development strategies, plans and budgets. The unit headed by the District Planner, provides technical support to departments in preparation and production of district development plans. The entity is fully established to carryout district investment priorities.

 The Planning department is also tasked with appraising National, district policies and producing minutes for the Technical Planning Committee.



The department is the busiest especially now with the new IFMIS system. Finance is charged with a number of roles like; Coordinating and participating in the budget and work plan preparations, submissions or approvals, monitoring the implementation of budgets or work plans and assessing budget performance, enhancement of revenue base and propose allocations of revenue to budget desks, mobilisation and collection of Local Revenue by sensitising and assessing of revenue, ensures that revenues are banked as collected and properly allocated to different activities or sectors as planned.

Ensures control of votes by monitoring sector expenditures in reference to the buget. Ensure financial transactions are recorded in appropriate books of accounts, to coordination and facilitate the Audit process and Accountability. To advise council on good financial practices and in Liaison to generally Acceptable Accounting principles or practices. To ensure that Financial Records are analysed and reported in appropriate financial statements and then submit to concerned line ministries. The structure provides for seven officers that is; Chief Finance Officer, Senior Accountant, Senior Finance Officer, District Accountant, Finance Officer, Senior Assistant Accountants and Assistant Accountants.