Production & Marketing

The production sector is comprised of five sectors namely: Agriculture, Veterinary Services, Fisheries and Entomology. The department ensures that farmers are linked to relevant market potentials where they can maintain and market their produce easily. This is done by advising the producers appropriately, providing, and regulating veterinary and animal husbandry activities and related services within and out of the district premises. The main focus of the department is to improve on the productivity and economic status of households through identifying potential market for their produce.
Agriculture is the major economic activity in Kapchorwa district where the majority of farmers are small holders growing both perennial and annual crops. The perennial crops grown include Bananas, Coffee, and irish , while the annuals include maize, sweet potatoes, beans, cassava and groundnuts. The annual crops are mostly grown for home consumption by the farmers. Numbers of Households involved in Agriculture are 34,898.