Natural Resources

The Department of Natural Resources comprises of the Natural Resources Office, the Lands and Physical Planning Office as well as the Forestry, Environment & Wetlands Office. This department is charged with the responsibility of ensuring sustainable and productive utilization of natural resources for poverty reduction, enhanced economic growth and improved livelihoods. The following are the key out puts for Natural Resource Sector; tree planting and afforestation,training in forestry management(Fuel saving technology, water shed management),forestry regulation and inspection, community training in wetland management ,river bank and wetland restoration, stakeholder environment training and sensitization, monitoring and evaluation of environmental compliance,land management services(surveying,Valuations,titling and lease management),infrastructure planning. The major causes of the deterioration in the quality and the quantity of the natural resource base is associated with human activity. There is massive deforestation particularly on privately owned land where over 75% of the districts tree resources are. This is closely followed by wetland degradation as a result of cultivation of crops. Other threats are soil erosion whose magnitude and impact has never been quantified.
The department has encountered a number of challenges like; depletion of trees from farm lands, poor farming practices in range lands, Transfer of farming activities from range lands to wetlands.